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Why Small Businesses Fail at Digital Marketing

According to Inc., 80 percent of small businesses fail each year. Despite this being a common statistic, many small business owners believe their company is invincible. However, your business won’t survive solely on a strong work ethic and a great idea – you need defined strategies and the means to implement them. In today’s technology-dependent…


How to Rank for Your Main Business Keyword

Did you know that 95% of Internet users will not search past the first page of Google results? If your website doesn’t rank among the top 10 results for the target keywords, it likely won’t be visited by many people. So how can you increase your search ranking and traffic to your website? Search engine…

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Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

You only want the best when it comes to your business. To stand out from your competitors, you have to deliver extraordinary customer service, focus on a niche audience, and create a powerful, impactful impression. There is no denying that your business dollars need to be allocated toward digital marketing.    But just exactly how…

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How To Do Market Research

Starting a new marketing campaign? Launching a new product? Or just trying to refine your current marketing strategy? It may be time to do some market research.    What is Market Research? Market Research allows you to gather information about the market for a new product or service and how relevant and feasible it is…

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Digital Marketing Assets Explained

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and boost awareness of your brand. Every day, businesses use different marketing assets; the successful ones can clearly identify goals and then choose appropriate assets to achieve those goals while still focusing on overall strategy, business needs, and budget constraints.  …

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Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

With the rise in popularity of technology, small business owners understand the importance of digital marketing to reach more customers. Though print ads are still viable, digital marketing on online platforms will expand your reach of customers and educate your target audience on your products and services. But where exactly should small businesses start?  …

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OTT Marketing

Watching TV has evolved over the past decade as more people use video streaming services. Nielsen data recently reported that 80% of adults in the U.S. population use their smartphones to consume online content weekly. As a result, video streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, and Peacock TV have emerged as consumers’…

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The Difference Between a Drip and Nurture Campaign

Email is still a viable lead generation source, more than most businesses realize. From work to personal emails, all online shoppers, subscribers, and other customers alike need an email address to sign up for or purchase nearly anything online.   This allows companies with online stores, eNewsletters, or other means of digital income to connect…

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Marketing Efforts For Law Firms

Certain businesses in specific industries have it easy in terms of marketing. Especially if they are business-to-customer (B2C) type organizations, lead generation, and content creation can be as simple as posting blogs, engaging social videos, or an audio advertisement on Spotify.   Service industry businesses with less glamor in terms of what they offer to…