Measuring ROI In Your Social Media Marketing

Trying to measure your return on investment (ROI) in any form of marketing is a challenge for many business owners. Often, it proves to be too much of an undertaking for them and ultimately falls by the wayside, resulting in potentially wasted advertising dollars.   One of the most common digital marketing avenues is social…

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Setting Up A Simple Lead Capture and Drip Email Funnel

All businesses ask themselves daily: How do we get new customers? The most common response is always social media advertising or even traditional print marketing efforts, assuming that potential customers will discover your product or service and be sold.   Only part of this process is actually authentic. Garnering potential sales leads from advertising is…


What’s Trending? Social Media in 2022

Do you remember a world before social media? It is safe to say that you most likely do not, as giants like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and now newcomers such as Snapchat and TikTok have consistently made their presence known.   Most, if not all, businesses have some form of social media presence, and it has…

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The Advantages of Online Booking

If you are in the service business of any kind, you understand just how vital scheduling clients for appointments is. Even further, giving your valued clients the convenience of easy scheduling of your services is also crucial.   The general functionality of integrating booking software or an online calendar into your website is pretty straightforward.…

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How To Increase Your Revenue Through Marketing

When you open a small business, growing revenue is equally as important as the products you make or the services you provide. Your cash flow and bottom line allow you to improve your operations, better serve customers, and make a difference in the world.   The catch-all sector that drives finding customers has always been…

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How To Set Up Google Analytics With Your Site

Mapping your website traffic and customer behavior online has never been easier, yet many businesses still have not heeded this asset. But with just a few clicks, you can monitor your website performance and use data from Google Analytics to improve user experience. Google Analytics is a completely free service provided by the search engine…

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How To Set Up and Leverage Your Facebook Pixel

In marketing, social media platforms are essentially the classified ad section of yesterday. From marketing media that appear in potential customer timelines to targeted content on their sidebar, the greater portion of customer bases spends exponential time on their social media site of choice. Ad creation often feels like throwing darts at a dartboard, hoping…

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Geofencing Defined: How It Can Benefit Your Business

Years ago, everything was slowly going digital, and it worked wonders for the world of marketing. Suddenly, digital marketing became a prominent industry, and marketing tools were extremely diverse in ways never before dreamed about. From Google searches to video media on social channels, digital marketing has made it possible to speak to a vast…