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Planning Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

With a new year comes new trends, new customers, and new efforts that you as an organization must make in your marketing and advertising. That may seem like a big undertaking; however, a polished marketing strategy that furthers your brand’s story makes things far simpler. But how exactly does a team like Merrimack Digital or…

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How SEO Will Change in 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a content creator’s bread and butter. Understanding best practices in SEO is an ever-evolving intersection of art and computer science, where a marketing professional puts their creative skill to the ultimate test. This is done by creating content in a way that a client’s website not only moves up on…

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Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Businesses nowadays know the importance of developing and executing a great digital marketing strategy to reach customers in the online world. But you may be surprised at how many businesses don’t currently have a digital marketing plan in place. About 46% of businesses have not created a digital marketing strategy, and another 16% haven’t yet…

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Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

With the rise in popularity and dependence on technology, small business owners realize the importance of digital marketing to reach more customers. Though print ads are still viable, digital marketing on online platforms will expand your reach of customers and educate your target audience on your products and services. But where exactly should small businesses…

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Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday Marketing Tips Can you believe the holidays are only a month or so away? If you don’t have a holiday digital strategy in place for your business, the time to start creating one is now!   Much like 2020, digital marketing will be crucial this year, as consumers have been spending more time online.…

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Creating An Ad Campaign For The Holidays

The holidays are a future certainty in business – no matter what industry you operate in, your customers will likely recognize some holiday. B2C-based businesses release holiday-themed visual storytelling in their ad campaigns, driving online and in-person sales and frequently highlighting holiday deals.   When you hire an external marketing agency like Merrimack Digital or…

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Audio Advertising and Marketing With Social Audio

At Merrimack Digital, we have discussed at length just how powerful video and imagery are in digital marketing for businesses. While colors, moving pictures, and sound certainly trigger diverse responses in human senses, what about audio itself?   When you think of audio advertising, what comes to mind? If you grew up with analog radio,…


Creating Effective and Competitive Video Ads

Creating Effective and Competitive Video Ads Video and motion imagery is known to connect with customers best, primarily because of their visual interactivity. A lot is going on that stimulates all the senses, activating a domain in a customer’s memory unreachable by still graphics and mere text.   Incorporating video ads in your digital marketing…